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How To Use The Color Replacement Tool In Photoshop

In this post, you will learn how to use the Color Replacement Tool and options about it. This tool is usually used for basic tasks. There are advanced methods for color changing that we will cover in other posts.

The Color Replacement Tool In Photoshop

Step 1: Select The Color Replacement Tool And Adjust the Options

Select the Color Replacement Tool from the Tool bar from the left of the screen. First adjust the size of the cursor, since it works by detecting colors under the plus sign in the middle.

Step 2: Paint Over The Area

I picked cyan as my new color and replaced the green color with it. Try painting without releasing the mouse, sometimes transitions are not that smooth.

As you can see there is green residue on sides of the container. To make it cyan too, increase the tolerance a little bit. Tolerance decides the range of color that will be changed. That means if tolerance is high all green tones will be replaced with cyan, if it is low then only very similar colors will change. Do not forget base color obtained with middle of the cursor. So, tolerance decides how much different other colors in the cursor can be.

Also try to keep the whole cursor in the area that you want to change. Otherwise other colors next to our container can be contaminated.  In such case, hit Ctrl+Z (Win) / Command+Z (Mac) and decrease the size or decrease the tolerance.

The options that I used:

I will explain other options later on in this post or with another post.



This is how you can bring out eyes using Photoshop. You can learn this and much more from a professional photo editing course called Learn Photo Editing with more details. To see my learn photo editing review go to the main page . Thank you for reading!