Learn Photo Editing Review

Learn From The Best Photo Editing Course!

This will be a review for the course “Learn Photo Editing” created by a professional graphic artist, photo editor, colorist and photographer. I tried to explain everything that matters as short and clear as possible.

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Features And Pros Of The Course

1- Create photos using variety of techniques
2- No need spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for professional, well-edited photos
3- Low budget Photoshop tutorials
4- For eager artists who wants to improve Photoshop skills
5- 36 videos and tutorials that are constantly up to date (New videos will be added as they come up!)

What You Learn From the Video Lectures?

A series of video lessons that will teach you a combination of retouching, photo manipulation, color grading, and more.

Some important things to know are:

*Making facial features to pop out
*Converting a Boy / Girl to a Fancy Character
*Advanced retouching techniques
*Portraits with “Video Game Look”
*Turning photos into flashy poster ads
*Effective Portraits
*Adding a magical atmosphere to photos
*Turning photos into high-quality magazine ads
*Turning the daytime scene to the night scene or vice versa
*Creating Fantastic Environments and Characters
*Improving color details of your photos
*Creating a lightbox for object photography

Take a look at some before and after effects:






Information About The Course Videos

The videos are range between 25 to 180 minutes and made to teach you a specific skill in photo editing. They are divided into a specific subjects. For example, if you want to learn photo manipulation and color grading, just watch the videos about it.

In this way, you do not have to play with the videos for hours and hours just to find out what you want. Since Patrick (writer) is constantly adding new video tutorials, you will get access to the new content that he adds once you pay the fee.

You can also access the life of the video, and if necessary, you can come back to the class again. The videos are structured at the same time in a step-by-step guide that makes watching and learning easier.

If for any reason you dislike the course, you also have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Prerequisites (Important)

This course requires you to have Photoshop CS5. So, if you have an older version, the effects you are looking for may not be the same.

Photoshop itself is a very costly program and is essential to learn photo editing. If you have other editing programs such as GIMP, or if you have only old paint.net, this course will not be suitable for you.

Some of the techniques takes some time to learn, which is a rather annoying experience for beginners. I strongly advise you to continue with the course until you see improvements.”Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Learn Photo Editing Review Result

Overall, this video course is great for people who are serious about developing photo editing skills. The price is also very reasonable which cost of a good meal outside.¬†Click the link in the image below (or here). This will take you to original page, go to bottom of the page , where you can read the creator Patrick’s words and buy the program if you want! Lifetime membership cost of the course is $27 which is a limited time special offer.

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